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Pretoria Plumbers 

- Plumbing Repairs

- New installations

- Domestic Plumbing repairs

- Water Leaks

- Geysers Pretoria repairs and geysers Pretoria Replacements

- Blocked Drains

- Leaking Taps

- Water Leak Detections

- All Plumbing done

- Plumber Insurance claims 

Blocked Drain Services  

- Service Repairs on drains

- New installations

- Domestic & Industrial  

Pipeline Services

- HDPE lines supplied, welded and installed on

- Steel/ Galvanized lines.

- PVC lines. Repairs & Installations  

Irrigation Systems

- Irrigation systems design

- Installations 

- Repairs


Sewerage Installations and repairs

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Tel: 012 379-7748

Fax: 086 620-6708

Cell: 082 447-7888

        083 678-0220





477 Ulundi Street





We are a Pretoria based Company handling projects all across South Africa!

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Contact Nico 082 447-7888 Emailinfo@willersplumbing.co.za

Nico Willers and his father have been operating as NG Willers Plumbingfor many years in Pretoria. They are proud of their very good name and have all the plumbing, water pump, water problems, leak detection and sewage (sewerage) experience. Although the business is Pretoria based, Willers Plumbers, Willers Pumps and Willers Sewerage plants are well experienced and able to handle small to large projects all across South Africa! We are your complete, 1-Stop Business for all plumbers, plumbing, bore-hole pumps, HDPE, Butt & Electrofusion welding, drains, pipelines, sewer systems and irrigation system needs.


We guarantee outstanding plumbing Quality and Workmanship - Supported by 24/7 Owners-On Site Supervision We strive to deliver a high level of plumber and plumbing services and quality projects to our customers who are always our first priority.


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Willers Pretoria Plumbers offers quick plumbing Pretoria services. Willers Pretoria Plumbers is professional and totally affordable solution. Call Nico Willers today on 082 4477888 for a FREE Quotation. Nico is ready to help with all  your Plumbing Pretoria and Pretoria Plumbers related  needs ranging from new plumbing installations,  blocked drains, leaking pipes, water leak-detections, Geysers Pretoria problems, geysers Pretoria repairs, geysers Pretoria replacements, hot water plumbers needs, water pumps, borehole pumps, sewerage, sewage plant repairs and plumbers installations in Pretoria.

Pretoria Plumbers? Willers Plumbing offers professional plumbing repairs, plumbers, blocked drains, water-leaks repairs, geysers Pretoria repairs, geysers Pretoria installations, water pumps, water Leak detection services and irrigation installations in Pretoria.